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2021 Signups are open!

The Eldritch Bang is back!

Eldritch Bang writer and artist sign-ups are now open! Writer sign-ups will close on July 1st and artist sign-ups will remain open until August 1st.

This year you can sign up for a Mini Bang (5k requirement, one piece of art and a title card) or a Big Bang (15k requirement, two pieces of art and a title card).

Please review the 2021 schedule and our FAQ and rules, and then:

Sign up on this form

You should receive an email confirming your sign-up within a day or so.

Once you’re officially registered, come join us at the Eldritch Bang discord. Not mandatory (all info will be posted here, our twitter and Tumblr) but it’s a fun way to meet some of the other writers and artists.

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2021 SPN Eldritch Bang

We’re back for the fourth round of SPN Eldritch Bang! Got a great horror story idea you  want to write, or would love to create art for a spooky fic? Signups kick off June 2, artists can claim a fic August 7, and posting will take place in October leading up to Halloween. 

Mini bangs are 5k, with one piece of art and a title card.  Big Bangs are 15k, with two pieces of art and a title card. You can check out our fic and art tag to get inspired!


June 2 Sign-ups start for writers and artists

July 1 Sign-ups for writers close

July 17 Check-in

Aug 1 Artist sign ups close, author rough drafts (80%) and summaries for claims due

Aug 3-6 Artist previews

Aug 7 Claims begin at 9 am Central Time

Aug 11 Pairings announced

Aug 14 Posting Schedule released

Aug 25 Writer/artist check-ins

Oct 6 Final writer/artist check-in

Oct 9 Posting begins

Oct 31 Halloween masterlist!

spooky dean

2020 Eldritch Bang Masterlist

And that is a wrap on Eldritch Bang 2020!  We would like to thank all of our amazing creators for the hard work they put into this, and welcome you all to spend your Halloween reading through all of our wonderfully creepy entries.

The Case of Thistledown House (Wincest, mature) - fic by firesign10 and art by phoenix1966 

Checking Out (gen, mature) - fic by thanks-tacos​ and art by girlinthemirrorbluenight-library

Strange Ways (gen, teen) - fic by mukur0 and art by amberdreams 

Killer Creeper (gen, mature) - fic by oddsocksandstuff​ and art by saintsammy 

Precious (Michael/Dean, explicit) - fic by fledge and art by blindswandive 

The Very Same Trap (gen, mature) - fic by thelegendofwinchester​ and art by marsajar

Buried at Sea (gen, teen) - fic by shadowhundingdauntlessdemigod and art by soluscheese

Susurration (pre-wincest, mature) - fic by nerdypastrychef and art by dwimpala21 

This Soul With Sorrow Laden (wincest, explicit) - fic by amypond45 and art by spunsugarj2fantasy

Alice the True Mad Hatter (wincest, mature) - fic by backrose_17 and art by emmatheslayer 

Devil Child (gen, teen) - fic by captain-sodapop and art by cassiopeia7 

The Hotel on the Edge of Forever (gen, teen) - fic by theymp and art by m-stoltz

Tunnel (destiel, explicit) - fic by deansrightfulangerissue and art by bees0are0awesome

Transformation (wincest, explicit) - fic by jdl71 and art by kirathehyrulian 

Behold the Beast, Behold the Lamb (gen, mature) - fic by monicawoe and art by quickreaver 

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The Year

The Eye, The Star, and The Portal

1 TETSATP Title Card.jpg

Title: The Eye, The Star, and The Portal

Writer: smalltrolven

Artist: kirathehyrulian

Pairings: Sam/Dean

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Mpreg, show level gore

Summary: The aftermath of Dean’s near-miss at being possessed by Glythur to become Yokoth’s mate turns into something neither brother had ever imagined possible. The legacies from the Men of Letters’ Rhode Island chapter house, Marco and Ophelia, are called upon to clean up the mess that their great-grandfather left behind.

Link to fic (AO3/LJ) || Link to art (tumlbr/LJ/)
spooky dean


Title: Hunger

Writer: Wincestbitchtits

Artist: Quickreaver

Pairings: gen

Rating: explicit (for body horror)

Warnings: body horror, gore

Summary: Sam  is gradually becoming skinnier and skinnier, even with the amount of  food he’s consuming. Something’s killing him slowly, and Sam and Dean  don’t know what it is.

Link to fic || Link to art (might be a little gory for work!)

spooky dean

Torn Hopes

Title: Torn Hopes

Writer: purgatorys-fallen-angel

Artist: Armellin

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel

Rating: Explicit

Warnings:  Implied Rape/Non-Con, Major Character Death, Violence/Gore, Body Part Removal, Body Horror, Endverse, Implied Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Hurt No  Comfort

Summary: Dean wakes up in an abandoned building to the sound of Cas screaming in agony. He is hurt and confused and Cas is nowhere to be seen. Without much hope he starts  his desperate search for his best friend in a building that is filled to  the brim with Croatoans.

Link to fic on AO3 || Link to art on tumlbr

spooky dean

Behold the Beast, Behold The Lamb

Title: Behold the Beast, Behold the Lamb
Writer: monicawoe
Artist: quickreaver
Pairings: Gen, one semi-explicit Sam/Ruby scene
Rating: M
Wordcount: 20k
Warnings: violence, gore, blood-drinking, graphic descriptions of torture, body horror and body transformation, blasphemy
Characters: Sam, Dean, Ruby, Uriel, Castiel, Zachariah, Lucifer, Lilith, Kubrick, Anna
Summary:   Season 4 AU. Sam tried to free Dean from Hell, but angels intervened   and took Dean for their own purposes. Sam is determined to get Dean  back  and will do whatever it takes, embracing his abilities fully. The  more  demon blood Sam drinks, the more demons he kills, the more he  changes  inside and out until it’s impossible to hide his monstrous  side. Ruby,  Uriel and Castiel push Sam to fulfill his destiny and  become his true  self—the Beast of the Revelation.

Link to fic | Link to art


Alice the True Mad Hatter

Title: Alice the True Mad Hatter
Writer: blackrose/backrose_17
Artist: emmatheslayer
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Word Count: 7,096
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Off screen torture and minor character death
Summary: After the loss of their mother and friends Castiel and Crowley, Dean and Sam take a step back from hunting to raise Jack. That is until nightmares from their past come back into their lives as one of Lilith's former host seeks them out to stop the other before more lives are lost to her twisted games.
Fic: AO3
Art: LJ
Yuan Xing Liang
  • jdl71


Title: Transformation
Author: jdl71
Author: kirathehyrulian
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean
Word Count: 11,246
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Death, Minor Character Death, Biting, Claiming Bite, Rape/Non-Con, Dub-Con, Werewolves, Claiming, Knotting, Sibling Incest


Summary: While on a hunt, Sam is infected by a werewolf, changing his and Dean’s lives forever.

Link to Story AO3

Link to Art Tumblr: https://kirathehyrulian.tumblr.com/post/632830637916684288/spn-eldritch-bang-2020-transformation-art
LiveJournal: https://kirathehyrulian.livejournal.com/5102.html